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Script and Result
Have a long time doing my script, at last is DONE!!! even my script done, need to follow the regulation so many -_-. But i can relax and study my Japanese language (it has been 3 months i don't studied)

For the result for my script is B+. i think that was not bad rather than other people used shortcut to get A hehehehehe

Today i go to consulate of Japan to check the result of japanese language proficiency test out or not,and it's already out!
As i expected i Failed, need to work hard for this year! FIGHT OH!!!.

Oh! i got invitation form consul to watch japanese people do the Ikebana on 17th March 2010. I hope i can go ^_^

My First Session Thesis
Yesterday, I just pass my first session for my Thesis. I don't expected that I am the first person who have had first session "sigh"
It's start on 30th November i got called from my thesis advisor said "You first session will be held tomorrow which is 1st December" while i heard, i felt like my mind lost........because of; i haven't made the power point also no preparation at all.
And thank god i finished my power point also the preparation, but i cannot slept at all at the midnight that terrifying me all the time thinking my first session

The next day which is 1st December, I got up early and ready to present for 30 minutes also the Question-answer session by Examiner 1& 2
When i present i got no problem at all but at Question-answer i really have had a problem there.

I got question by Examiner 1 which takes time 30 minutes even at my deep heart said "Oh god! please don't ask question anymore!!! I'm already at limit". Because for the Question Examiner asked me non-stop I got trap by her Questions "sad".

For Examiner 2 just asked me only few questions that i can answered it right away.

After the Question-answer session finished my Thesis Advisor, Examiner 1 & 2 calculated my grade..... when my Thesis Advisor told me i got 41 and asked how i felt about it.
Because of my mind goes blank and really sad that i was no good answering the questions from my Examiner 1 I just simply said "just usual" turned them laughing all the way. When i got told from some people who watching me all the way the first session, the total grade for first session is 50 and that was good for you got high grade.

At the end i shake hand with them, suddenly Examiner 1 said to me "why your faces like wanted to cry?" and I cried. I think the reasons are;
-I got nervous all the way from the start
-I disappointed with myself not doing well answering the questions from Examiner 1
-I relief that i passed the first session

The next will be second session that held on March. I hope I'm the first person (the fast you do it your thesis, you will relax much faster than anyone else "taken from my lecturer")

Talking aside about my First session. I recommend to all of my friends to read "Honey Hunt" when i read it, I'm totally love Haruka (he's so Tsundere)

Thesis, My computer and Titanic
This October, I began write my Thesis, my object Thesis is "Grand Swissbel Hotel" in Medan. My title is "Hospitality workplace problems and poor training" but when i do the Chapter 1, there is no match with the title and i need to change the title with fit to my object thesis "sigh"
I have go to univ tomorrow and ask my thesis advisor about it "hope can change it". If can change my new title will be "Posttraining Self-Efficacy, Job involvement  and Training Effectiveness in Swissbel Hotel"

Because of Blackout every day my computer suddenly cannot run, at the end windows on my computer re-install that made me to seek over my favorite website, software (yahoo messenger and MSN) and media player (i-tunes).

I just finished watching Titanic in Starworld, don't know why i have been watching this film for many times but still crying while watched it.

First, i would like to say sorry to all of you who reading my post yesterday that I haven't had a strong building self.

At the end i will take the test Japan Language Proficiency Test level 2, even I am not confident that i can pass it. There have 3 reasons i take the test;
1. Yesterday, after I posted on my LJ when i was asleep i got a dream where i take the Level 2 exam!!! i don't know why i had dreamed like that "confused" . Maybe it is a clue that i should take the exam ^_^;

2. I got news from my private teacher which she said if i take the exam next year there will be 5 level not 4 level anymore, which are;
- Level 1 same with level 1 right now
- Level 2 same with level2 right now
- Level 3 will be mix from level 2 and 3
- Level 4 will be level 3 right now, and
- Level 5 same with level 4 right now
I think over and over again, I should take the level 2 because I already passed level 3 last year. If I'm not going to take the level 2 this year I must study again level 3 materials and level 2

3. From September until December I have 4 months to study the Kanji characters (i think that is enough for me to study it ) and also I bought Revision of Japan Language Proficiency Test Level 2 Gakushudo method just now from Gramedia books store which includes; Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension and Translation.

About my university, this 1st of September I begin  to make my script with the Title "Hospitality Workplace Problems and Poor Training at Swissbel Hotel" hoping there will be no problem while i making the script  "pray"

PS: Really hope i can do my best when doing Level 2 test and my Script

Japan Language Proficiency Test Level 2
As i already post earlier, about this year i will take the Japan Language Proficiency Test Level 2. But i cannot take it because i try to do the questions level 2 which are 1990 year questions.

To tell the truth on the vocabulary part especially Kanji. I'm totally lost or blank until my head really hurt felt like i want to throw out, for the comprehension and grammar just 50-50.

I am really sure if i take the test this December, i will fail right away.

So i decided i take the test next year, and i have to study hard Kanji characters before the test "FIGHT"!!!!

To my friend which i already promise her that i will meet her this December to take the test together, I'm sorry if i disappointed you "bow"

My Holiday!!!
My HolidayCollapse )

2 weeks more I will go to Bali!!! ^_^
I have just realize that i have been long day no posting at my journal hehehehehe
ma~ it is because of my university live, right now I'm on 9th semester which is the last semester in my university that's why i have soooo mannnyyy assignment! from Business Plan, Risk management (the one I'm lack) and Management seminar (by giving presentation each meeting). From all the subjects in semester 9 the most I'm scare is Risk Management, i just hoping this subject i will pass it  "Fight on!!!"

2 weeks more i will go to Bali!!!, I'm very excited maybe this is the first time i go with my university friends ^_^. But today i got surprised by newspaper headline said that "More people at Bali have got H1N1", no choice i should buy a mask to cover it "sigh"

I got shocked by the news of Michael Jackson, i don't ever think he passed away so fast. I still remember my mother ever buy his album, what album i already forgot but the album consist of 2 CDs, when i searching it at my house, too bad i haven't found it. Yesterday while i searched his songs on YouTube i found Philippines inmates made for him tribute also the Thriller dance (you must watch this!!!). R.I.P Michael Jackson

AGAIN!!! i addicted with Hana Yori Dango but this time Hanadan version Korea. For all i have watched from Taiwan,Japan and Korea, i made a comparison between 3 version  and this is my opinion;
- Domyouji Tsukasa ----> won by Korea because he is the one with physical body almost same with the manga but for acting won by Japan.
- Hanazawa Rui -----> totally won by Japan
- Nishikado Sojirou -----> won by Korea
- Mimasaka Akira ----> for this character i'm little bit dilemma with Korea and Japan so i choose two of them 
so, how about you guys?

Gokusen live action
Today, I just finish watched Gokusen season 1 live action, at first i don't know Matsujun (Matsumoto jun) being as Sawada shin.
I watched all episodes in 3 days, the last episode is the most i cried as usual that turned me like Matsujun "again", the first time was when i watched Hana Yori Dango (really like him at there).

PS: Matsujun you got me again 

Gundam 00
After so long i haven't watched Gundam 00 which already "the end", I started watch it from episode 18-20. Actually i want to post an entry after i finished all the episode, because of i can't hold to express my emotion about the relationship between Lyle Dylandy and Anew.

About their relationship between two, I'm little bit strange with it how can without process suddenly their relationship go deeper? which made me remind of Gundam Seed between Kira and Fllay ,that's why turned me very HOPE Anew should die!!! "evil mode ON". And she's DIED!!! hahahahahahaha (give two thumbs up for Setsuna). But to tell the truth, i choose Neil Dylandy rather than Lyle Dylandy ^_^;.

I started read shoujo manga again with the title "Kyou koi wo hajimemasu" ^_^

Because my super duper busy Semester 8 had been finished i got holiday 2 weeks "YATA!!!!" but i'm desperate with my Management accounting exam maybe i fail with this subject "sigh"

*Neil Dylandy Forever!!!! Lyle Dylandy just dissapear or whatever

Gintama and Toradora anime
Just watch this two anime for refreshing because of this Semester  like hell with a so many assignment project that made me felt dizzy all day
And i would like to give my opinion about this two anime ^_^

For Gintama
When i watched episode 150, i got a shocked at a beginning, because of the announcement from three main characters of Gintama said that this episode 150 is the last episode, suddenly i have no mood anymore because Gintama is my stress antidote anime, also i cannot hear my Hijikata voice anymore hehehehehe.
but at the end.............
I will no spoil it to all of you (i got tricked twice damn!) 

For Toradora
This anime my sis recommended me and I'm thanks to her, This romance anime is the best in this year i can say ^_^
As you know while i watched the last episode from the half way i cried until the end.
hmmm i think i cried was not sadness but happiness, i really like two main characters of it, Ryuuji and Taiga

PS: The day by days goes very fast